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Why Audrey's

Audrey’s was created by a team of highly experienced international manufacturing jewelers that envisioned to provide its consumers with the best quality diamonds and an exquisite collection of fine jewelleries with exceptional workmanship at affordable prices.

Audrey’s mission is to provide high quality diamond jewellery at an affordable price.

How do we do this ?

Direct link to manufactures

Audrey’s is directly linked with biggest diamond manufactures in the world hence we are able to provide diamonds at an affordable price by elimination the tradition sales channels from diamond wholesalers to retailers , selling directly to the consumers.

In house manufacturing

Our jewellery production in done in-house which enables us to control our production cost and control our product quality hence we are able to provide our customers with high quality jewellery product at an affordable price.

How does it benefit customers?

Huge savings

Affordable luxury jewellery at your fingertips. Our business model is based on providing  quality jewellery directly from the source to consumers

You are in right hands

With over 40 years of jewellery manufacturing, there is nothing we cannot do. No matter how complicated the jewellery piece is, we are able to construct and provide you with high quality jewellery product.

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