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Guide on buying diamonds

We understand how hard it is for people to understand diamonds. Hours of research and going through countless materials online will get you confused. We have made it simple by constructing important elements to look into while purchasing a diamond.

The WOW Factory! What makes a diamond sparkle?

Cut, Symmetry and polish are important attributes that make a diamond sparkle.

Diamond cut is the most important property to increase its beauty because a well-cut diamond reflects light and maximize the diamond's brilliance. A diamond with a perfect color and clarity could nevertheless have poor brilliance if it is not well cut. Hence the cutting grade of a diamond plays a significance role in the brilliance.

Polish and symmetry are two important aspects of the cutting process. The Diamond Polish expresses the smoothness of the diamond's facets whereas the Symmetry refers to the alignment of the facets. A poor Diamond Polish, or rough facets, can diminish a diamond's brilliance, as well as its value.

I do not want to see inclusions in the diamond. How do I make sure that they are not visible? 

At Audrey's, we use a term called "EYE CLEAN". In an Eye clean diamond, inclusions are not visible to the naked eyes. An Internally Flawless (IF) will look the same as SI1 Eye clean diamond to the naked eyes, inclusions in an eye clean diamond is only visible by a jeweller's loupe. Hence, an eye clean diamond is the way to go. We will throughly examine the diamond upon request and notify our customer wherether the diamond is eye clean or not.

I am confused between color, clarity , size and cut. Which one is more important?

It's fairy simple. Size is the first thing noticeable. Followed by the color fo the diamond whether it is white or yellow in color and how well it sparkles. Clarity is the last thing noticeable to the naked eye as one has to look at the diamond for a short period of time to locate inclusions if any.