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Bespoke Service

At Audrey's, we understand jewellery is a reflection of personality and lifestyle. We specialize in interpreting customer's requirement to create a distinctive piece of jewellery, using collectively our jeweler's expertise, latest technology and finest workmanship.

We have superior workmanship due to our application of CAM/CAD technology; blending that technique with high grade gemstones whilst maintaining a strict vigil on the manufacturing process is an art in itself. Audrey's continues with its team of internationally trained experts, whose bespoke ideas and creations are being recognized nationally and internationally for their quality, skillful workmanship and equitable costs.

If you have envisioned something exquisite, our experts will be pleased to bring your reverie jewellery to life. In Audrey's we ensure excellence by using superior quality diamonds, Colombian emerald, Sri Lankan Sapphires and Burma rubies amongst many. Audrey's vision is to be the pioneer in Malaysia in creating exclusive and fine bespoke jewellery. Our constant endeavor is to serve our customers with jewellery of impeccable quality and workmanship.

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Examples of high quality bespoke fine diamond and gemstone jewellery manufactured by Audrey's :